Which Witch is Which.

Computer Beef for Information

After several hours Aradia completes the upgrade upon the computer and informs her mysterious friend. She sends him a message, waiting for a response.

A: “It’s complete, take a look around and see how you like it.”

. . . . .

After resting a while she checks for any messages upon her awakening.

S: “Looks nice. What’s to stop you from hacking back into it whenever you want?”
A: “As was previously mentioned, nothing. Yet you still agreed to the trade, so my information… please…”
S: “You sure you want to know.”
A: “Do you want that program or not?”
S: “I’m just saying, your not going to like it.”
A: “And you’re not going to like it if you go back on our deal.”
S: "Fine. Sometime later this week, someone is going to kidnap your “little brother”. I’m not sure how you can stop them. But I know that they know or that they are what may have been responsible for the things that have been going on."
A: “Not much information to go on at all. Who are they?”
S: “Not sure.”
A: “You seemed to get the better part of our trade, being as how this information is minute and unspecified in most areas but one.”
S: “Information to help the kid and potentially get some answers isn’t worth that much to you?”
A: "The “kid” is well protected, so nothing to worry about, and the potentiality of the answers was to be taken care of today, through the trade. Yet there are few real answers."
S: “Not as protected as you may think, and I can help you catch them.”
A: “More protected than you know. The catching part can be accepted as part of the equality of this transaction.”
S: “If you say so, I need to go double check my schedule.”
A: “So you say, if you back out or double cross me, you will regret it.”
S: “Same goes for you.”
A: "I’ve already covered my part, you’re the one that’s lacking. >:( "
S: “You’ve already said you have the power to go back, and what I’m offering is more substantial.”
A: "I may be able to, I made no promises against such, yet no other shall if you use it right. From what I’ve “seen” so far, it’s not."
S: “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
A: “Exactly.”
S: “Do you want my help or not?”
A: “I want you to fulfill your end.”
S: “I’ll take that as a yes. So leave me be and let me work for a bit.”
A: “I was until you decided to warn me, when I’ve done nothing wrong.”
S: “Warnings don’t come to those who do something wrong, they come before they can make mistakes.”
A: “In my experience they come just after they have stepped a little out of line.”
S: “Then mind your feet and watch for rulers.”
A: “You’re the one that needs to watch for such complications, I’m a master of the line.”
S: “Girly, I’m always watching.”
A: “At the very least you are doing something right then.”

She signs off.

Back in the UK

Diana having freed her minion from the clutches of some sort of possession by fey, she has her minion stay the night, as she herself plays Halo where she is god while awaiting her aunt’s return with answers. After about two in the morning when her aunt messaged her saying that it will take some more time to find out answers, she beats some random n00bs that think they’re all that, puts on a night mask and goes to bed for her “beauty sleep”.

In the morning she hears someone, most likely her minion, in the next room trip and fall out of bed. Ignoring this she continues to sleep. Not being a morning person she sleeps in until 12:31pm, where she gets up, cleans off her face, dresses carefully for the day and looks as if she’s been up for hours. She’s become so well versed in beautification she can look "perfect in 30 minutes or less. This morning she was on a roll at 15 minutes. She then heads to the dining hall to break her fast. At her place of honor, she sits and finds a neatly folded not upon her plate, picking it up she questions the whereabouts of her newspaper and reads the note. The note is from her aunt saying she’ll be sleeping for a while, and perhaps may sleep until the next day. She looks curiously at the note in a daze as she atomically grabs the newspaper. She breaks from her reverie once her meal is placed before her, a lovely breakfast consisting of fruit, cottage cheese, and bacon.

She has the head butler sent in and questions him on the matter of her aunt and the unusual matter of her being exhausted. Finding she over exerted herself, she questions further, and the butler knows nothing more. Questioning to see whether or not if she could visit the butler seems unsure. Giving him the order to send for her once her aunt awakens she delves into her newspaper seeing if there is anything of interest.

She runs across a blurb about homeless men being arrested about rantings of the end of the world and harassing/“attacking” pedestrians within reach, as well as one local college professor. They all seemed to rant almost identically about the end of the world and time coming to a stop. The professor was sent to an asylum to be evaluated. The identity of the professor was withheld to protect the family and college of the professor. She finds that the article was written by a Billy Drago with the London Times.

She sends for her minion and tells her chaufer to prepare the car, they have some investigating to do, she has her butler get the location of Mr. Drago as she prepares traveling clothes. She dresses up in what she deems is a fashionable “Sherlock Holmes”-esk look. Irritated with her minions sudden leave of absence she has her maid put the fashionable “Watson”-esk clothes in the limousine and directs the chaufer, after obtaing Mr. Drago’s location, to take her to minion’s home.

Upon arrival she has the chaufer knock on the door to fetch said minion with the Watson package. After he knocks, the door cracks open a smidge, then immediately slams closed. Irritated she will have her chaufer be more forceful with the fetching. Seeing the man fail miserably, she gets out and pounds angrily upon the door.

“Go away!” says minion. Questioning as to why and what is minion’s problem, she yells through the door, “What do you think you are doing Amelia? We have investigating to do!!! I even have a cute outfit for you!!! Now open this damn door, or I shall have to have it opened by force!!!”

Minion goes on to say things about not wanting to be the subject of magic again, she can’t remember a thing. Exasperated, Diana explains that she was possessed and she exorcised the sprite and that is why she doesn’t remember. And then minion said something about it may be Diana’s doing and Diana said it was because minion was weak willed. Minion said she was not weak willed, then was threatened by Diana with a curse upon her and her family for generations if she does not open that door by the count of 3!!! At 2 1/2 the door was slowly opened, Diana takes the package and hands it over to minion to put on with only a little bit of a fuss from minion, while she herself waits in the “parlor” (living room). After her minion is ready they head out to look for Mr. Drago and she gives minion the clipping to read over.

The limo pulls up in front of shabby townhouses, disgusted by the appearance she questions as to whether this is the accurate address… Finding that it is indeed accurate she tells her chaufer to wait there and lock the doors as she and her minion head out to see Mr. Drago.

At the door she grabs her bubble piper, knocks on the door with it and proceeds to “smoke” it. Seeing an unsavory fellow answer the door after much crashing, she convinces him of her wealth and promises him compensation for answers but only within his home. She pulls out and puts up a “sound proof” charm in his home while she’s there. She hands minion a lint roller to clean off the area that she was offered to sit, minion chooses to stand.

She began questioning the reasons behind writing the article, where she found problems with what he had said. She delves for information of the professor using money and threats as her way to get the information. She tries to alleviate the man’s irritation with her, by expressing her own foul mood muddling things up.

She notices out of the corner of her eye minion glaring at her, confused at the look she tries to think of the cause, but gets distracted by the matter at hand.

She notices that “Billy Drago” is acting quite strange, when she asks for the first name to be “Billy” or “William” he says “William” and mutters “probably”, she catches onto that probably and questions it, he then ‘continues’ with “would probably be best to be formal”.

The newspapers in the room seemingly are only 5 years old or newer. Minion is acting strange, “knowing” things she would not otherwise “know”. She tries to call her out by calling her “Lily”, but minion catches onto it. Yet, by not being happy about it, she is being extra suspicious.

After dropping minion off, Diana notices her giving her a confused look, ignoring that she turns back to her guest and continues their business. After notarizing the contract, and giving a check of 100,000 pounds, she “sound proofs” the back of the limo and confirms its security.

She discovers that the professor is Micheal Pemrose… possibly related to a Lilian Pemrose… His brother is Alfred Pemrose, maybe… Micheal was taken to southern heights sanitarium. After dropping off her contact her phone rings, her aunts awake.

She heads home before continuing in her search. Her aunt appears spiritually drained. There appears to be danger for a witch in the America’s, possibly her sister. She finds out that her minion may have been possessed for years, longer than she’s known her even. She regrets exorcising her at this point. Minion may have lost many many memories. Diana may just have to “re-train” minion. She informs her aunt of her observations through out the day and of her search. She is directed to go back to her minion to try and win her back and question her on her own grounds about her possible uncle. She gets chastised about her new pet and asked to have food sent up on her way down. As she heads back to her chaufer she informs Jeeves of her aunt’s desire.

A night and a day, spent hacking away

Working late into the night Aradia gets no sleep as she continues to look for answers to the unexplained phenomena, using search programs that she created herself. She found someone that is rather paranoid that may have answers. Otherwise the information she gathers is rather usual for unexplained phenomena such as aliens, worlds colliding, mystical forces at work.

She continues to email the mysterious stranger. As she leaves her closet for a respite she notices a white envelope pushed through the bottom of her door. She opens her door to see if any of her relatives are awake, looking left and right, listening to the night sounds, it appears that no one is awake. She goes to wash up and grab a glass of water, returning to her closet and putting the secret spell back into place. She opens in the envelope, finding a nicely folded piece of paper, fancy resume paper. She finds a letter that one would expect of a kidnapper, cut and pasted newspaper clippings. It seems to be a threat as well as a warning about her researching of the phenomenon, saying that she doesn’t know what she’s getting into and better stop now. Not being one to scare easily she emails her “friend” about the letter, wanting to see if he might know something about it.

As she waits a response from this person she begins to try and track his location, and trying to find out who this person is. Following several leads and following the trail of rerouted signals she finally finds something. a message crosses her screen, she recognizes the ip as one of the ones she’s hacking, an alert on her screen pops up within a warning that someone’s trying to break into her computer. She successfully tracks the source, however she fails boxing the attacker in. The computer cries out “External Attack”, not used to being the one hacked due to her magical protection she ended up in her own box. However she knows where they are.

She’s going to undo and try to fix and get revenge on the intruder, as well as up her security, mixing magic with program to make a security program the likes of which no one has seen before, or so she believes. She notices that the taunting messages were from different ip addresses. She saves hard copies of all the ip addresses that she’s come across through this ordeal.

Her computer’s scan informs her of a backdoor tracker and after a few tries she captures it. She also removes the program while preventing it from deleting itself, as she tracks it back to its origins.

As she tracks all the ip addresses sources and triangulating, she’s working on her security program. Upon arrival of her tracks she sends the message, “Found you!!! I win :) !!!”. She finds a gps coordinate which she looks up online, finding that they are within the same area, right by her home. She continues looking until she can acquire an address. She finds out that it’s on her street until the signal cuts out.

After a lot of work she manages to create a magical security program.

She then brings out a map of her street, and scries for the other hacker. She found him. It seems to be her house, strange she thinks. She draws a map of her house, and scries further. She finds it came from her cousin’s room, she investigates and finds nothing in there of suspicion. She returns to her enchanted closet, placing the enchantment once again and makes another map, this one just of her cousin’s room, above it, and below as far as she could think. Along side it she draws another of the same design, this time including other dimensions, knowing it would be silly not to include such. She discovers the person is in her attic, on her plain, and a little wary at this point she brings her mace, flashlight and athame hidden away as she goes to climb into the attic, to the part above her cousin’s room.

Finding random abandoned cords, she grabs one that would have been handling frequently and once again, returns to scry this time with water as well, being a new moon it takes longer than usual. She discovers a rather suspicious church, checks her attic through the water scry, sees a strange murky distortion, and thinks of teleportation as a possible cause. She dresses ninja like, grabs the gear she feels she might need, including her athame, mace, flashlight, the protection amulet passed down through high priestess, and her pocket book of shadows. Noticing that it is currently noon, she changes her wardrobe to blue jeans, a tee shirt, and a light sweater. She packs her mini backpack with her items. She brushes out her hair, puts on cover-up to hide her dark circles, and heads out through the front door instead of the window like she planned. Forgetting her watch she quickly grabs it before leaving her room along with her cell. She heads out to the church.

She looks around to see if others are about and may spy upon her doings. She pulls out her pocket book of shadows, and find a spell to sense presence of the living, like an aura seeing spell.

“Let those abound
not hide from my sight
for all alive
I see the whereabouts.”

Seeing no one about that can see her comings and goings she unlocks the church door with another spell.

“The door is barred
my path is set
free the restriction
at my touch
to bar once again
at my passin.”

Once inside the church she moves to where they water revealed.

“Let nothing hide,
Let secrets show,
What is hidden,
Let it be told.”

“What was scryed
Murky and forlorn,
Will now be revealed
The cause known.”

“Exasperated as I am
reveal your secrets hidden.”

She sees a glowing hand print.

“Let my search go unhindered,
Let me find my target,
Low jack, High jack,
No matter how,
Let me be my own locator.”

She touches the hand print and feels a static shock. She now follows her locator self. She receives a phone call from her cousin. He tells her of claw marks on his walls, wondering if she (who has never pulled a prank before) was pulling a prank on him. She has him hide in her closet until she returns. Upon her arrival she investigates the markings and sees four thin lines, Freddy Kruger like.

“Before my sight
Harm was done
Before my eyes
Let me see
The perpetrator’s form.”

She sees through the perpetrator’s eyes, computer, skinny pale hands, stupid no reflective surfaces, and once back to herself writes a quick spell for later use, and her phone beeps for email message. She checks it.

“Back off.” She replies, “Who, little old me? Am I getting to you?” and puts away her phone to see her cousin. She opens the closet door after informing him of her presence. She seems to convince him that it was a prank that his bully of a friend pulled. She sends him off to play, then goes into her haven and creates a circle, puts on her robes, grabs her protective wand and her athame. As she says the spell she circles round hands pointing down at circle’s edges and ends the spell crossing her arms in front like an X and swinging out once more.

“When in the circle that is home,
Safety’s gone and evils roam.
Rid all beings from these walls,
Save the blood of blood within, now hear my call.”

Spell complete, she goes back to her messing with the mysterious stranger through the computer, because it’s fun. She hasn’t had a good “chase” for a while, and never one that made her search on foot.

Turning on the computer she gets the message “Just wouldn’t want to let any bystanders to get caught in the cross fire.”

A: “Do you mean your little Kruger act? That’s been taken care of.”
S: “Pretty confident aren’t ya?”
A: “Quite. I enjoy a good game. Now about that information I was looking into earlier…”
S: “Information about what?”
A: “The time glitches and possession with a fey…”
S: “I told you once you were barking up a very dangerous tree. And you don’t care, you’re just going to climb up there not even worrying about the thorns.”
A: "I’ve never heard of a tree with thorns, I’m intrigued. So it was you that “sent” that letter."
S: “Trees carry more surprises then most people realize. I was only try to give some friendly advice, but it seems some people are to stupid and foolhardy to listen to friendly advice.”
A: “Friendly you may say, more so threatening is like it.”

“Take my power, Blessed be.
Multiply it’s strength by three.”

S: “Baa!”
A: "Don’t “Baa!” me you pale skinned cave dweller!!!"
A: “What’s wrong, we were having fun messing with each other I thought…?”
A: “Hello!!!! Echoooooo!!! What’s wrong, little pale one isn’t afraid now, is he?”
A: “When you get some balls, let me know…”
S: “Eager to put something in your mouth instead of just spewing all the time?”
A: “Sorry, you ain’t my type.”

As she awaits replies she fine tunes her magical security system, not wanting to waste her extra power that seems to disagree with portal creation. She succeed, beautifully at improving her security system, and goes on to trace her friend once again.

S: “Bitch”
A: “What? Did I do something?”
A: “Baby.”

She leaves the confines of her closet and joins the family for dinner, then it’s time for bed. Goodnight.

A: “Did you have a good night’s sleep to cool off?”
S: “Chirp chirp.”
A: “The early bird gets the worm?”
S: “Everything you say sounds like an inuendo now.”
A: “Hmmm, to bad for you I’m not into caves.”
S: “Wouldn’t it be dreadful if mummy and daddy found out about the little secret of a computer hidden away?”
A: “Not really, I just prefer it this way. But I can tell them at any time of its presence, being that, you know, they’re dead.”
A: “Do I detect a library through thine eyes?”
. . . . .
S: “This is new, I think I get it, should I introduce you to my friend, Salem?”
A: “Only so long as I stay fire free. :)”
S: “That’d be tricky to do, it tends to get pretty heated around him.”
A: “Oh, ah, is it the kitty you speak of?”
A: “Nice library, it’s what 10 minutes away on foot, 5 if I ride, of course you’ll be long gone before I do. Seeing as how moving a limb is a bit tricky, and noticeable.”
S: “You’re a bit of a tough egg, aren’t you humpty? What’s that? summer’s almost over?”
A: “No tougher than you I expect, and it’s already spring, fall has past, and nary a scratch in sight.”
S: “Maybe you’ve broken already, and you haven’t realized yet ‘cause you’re so fractured.”
A: “Or perhaps I broke the world in my fall, causing those horrendous time glitches…”
S: “Then your ass must be bigger than it looks close up.”
A: “I wouldn’t so much say my ass… perhaps I just have a large head. After all, why would someone so entranced with my jiggly parts pay attention to something so high?”
S: “I much doubt it was your head, something that empty would definitely crack instead of the world.”
A: “Did you forget all the monkeys with cymbals inside? Clang Clang.”
S: “That would explain why those bits are so jiggly then.”
A: “The better to entrance you with, my dear.”
S: “Entrance away.”
A: “Isn’t it a bit hard from so far away? If only I could get that damn portal spell working…”
S: “I have faith in you, and I know you have the technology, and only fools attempt portals.”
A: “Technology, smechnology, it’s nothing like in person. And my mother was able to do it, so I know it’s within my power, just not my knowledge as of yet…”
S: “I doubt my safety would be guaranteed if I was standing in arms reach of you. If your mother attempted portal spells, that would explain why you got to be so dumb.”

“Rude your comment was,
Spiteful truly it be,
Your tongue you shall
Bite wholeheartedly.”

A: “A great master of the magics she was, never a problem within sight, I warn you now oh pale one, back off from dead one’s memories.”
S: “Someone who toys with magic, doesn’t see problems and attempts to manipulate the laws of time and space, I don’t know how they could not be a fool.”
A: “Toying my lineage dost naught, one with it we were once, as was my mother, and I to be when training is complete.”
S: “Did you ever even speak english?!”
A: “But of course, I was just now as well, it’s Gaelic I prefer.”
S: “Ooooh… So you like girls?”
A: “Perhaps that is my preference, or those with real kahuna’s.”
S: “I guess you’ll get back to me on that speaking english thing, huh?”
A: “A little problem with slang I see… Balls dude, real ones and something that really gives a girl an eyeful.”
S: “Wow, kids today really are over-sexed.”
A: “More like under, after all, I’m a good catholic girl… Nah, never wanted to, but I know how to talk the talk as it were.”
S: “How sad.”
A: “And why would that be, pale one?”
S: “Not going to spell it out for you miss talk.”
A: “Then why don’t you spell something else out for me…?”
S: “Cause you don’t speak english and you wouldn’t understand anyway.”
A: “Try me.”
S: “You’re not gonna like it!”
A: “There are many things I don’t like, but I have to find out anyway not always by choice… two girls one cup TT_TT”
S: “…”
A: “???”
S: “You really are a catholic school girl.”
A: “Never attended such a school.”
S: “Then why did you say you were a catholic school girl?”
A: “I didn’t, I said a good catholic girl…”
S: “Way to get someone’s hopes up.”
A: “Go to the UK, you might find something you like…”
A: “Back to the other matter perhaps…?”
S: “And what matter would that be CG?”
A: “The time fluctuations and possessions, if you please…”
S: “Quit buying cheap watches, don’t leave your door unlocked.”
A: “What foul play are you doing now, MS?”
S: “Just answering some simple questions.”
A: “You knew and know what I mean. You said you had the answers, yet you give none…”
S: “Information is not free or pleasant.”
A: “And what is the going rate for the information?”
S: “What do you got?”
A: “What do you accept?”
S: “Not picky.”
A: “So lint would do?”
S: “As long as it’s equivalent.”
A: “How much is the equivalency?”
S: “For lint? Probably about a ton in a half.”
A: "What is your preferred method of "payment""
S: “Information, favors, occasionally I’ll accept money, but I don’t really need it that much.”
A: “What about IOUs? Or UOMes?”
S: “Got any collateral?”
A: “Plenty, what would you accept as such?”
S: “Something you value, a lot.”
A: “It’s in the UK, how should it be acquired?”
S: “Stuff it in a box and mail it.”
A: “I don’t think it would appreciate it.”
S: “You’re in the exotic pets business?”
A: “No, but it can be a real bitch sometimes…”
S: “I didn’t realize you could get to the UK that quickly. So really, what are we talking about?”
A: “Trying to set up some way for you to give me the information that I’ve been asking about. You want something that I highly value, it’s just what I value most wouldn’t accept the idea of being collateral…”
S: “Then find something else or make it accept.”
A: “How about I do you a favor in exchange instead?”
S: “Exchange of…?”
A: “The information of course.”
S: “For…?”
A: “A favor of your choice… of a non sexual nature of course.”
S: “How do I know you’ll honor it?”
A: “I’m a white witch, I keep my word of course.”
S: “You give your word, on your word, that you keep your word, yeah, there’s a lot there to trust.”
A: “You see to know a great deal about me and mine, do you know of a time where I have not kept my word?”
S: “I didn’t find you until recently.”
A: "Then what will persuade you that I’ll keep my word? Let me guess… “collateral”?"
S: “Or just an equivalent exchange…”
A: “Like what?”
S: “Something fancy and shiny, like that box in your closet that you don’t want your family to know about.”
A: “Instead, why don’t I beef up yours, I can already get in.”
S: “Can you beef it so you can’t get in it?!”
A: “I doubt anyone could, I’m quite stubborn when it comes to that and I’ll try until I succeed, no matter how crestfallen I may get.”
S: “You beef my box, you got a deal, and if you fix my computer up to that’d be nice.”
A: “How’s about just the computer?”
S: “Taking all the fun out of everything. :(”
A: “Gotta keep my modesty, what little I have left from being a cheerleader…”
S: “Catholic, and a cheerleader, oh lala.”
A: “The better chances of me turning out to be a lesb or into really muscled guys…”
S: “One can only hope…”
A: “I take it you’re a watcher and not a participator…”
S: “If you’re offering…”
A: “Only a computer revamp.”
S: “Then one can dream… I get an upgrade, you get your info.”
A: “Just keep me out of them. And how do I know you’ll keep your part?”
S: “Too late, and if I don’t keep my part of the bargain you can keep me in a perpetual state of shutdown, so…”
A: “Yet you could always get a new computer and never contact me again…”
S: “You sound like a crazy stalker chick, you’d probably hunt me down. And if I got a new computer than what good is the upgrade.”
A: “Not a stalker :( . And it’s more of a distraction while you try and get away… Alright, I’ll do it. If nothing else I have a magical low jack on you, so I suppose I can trust ya.”

After having him turn on his computer she proceeds to “beef it up”. Here are the rolls I got, I was unsure as to how many times to roll. I did my normal hacking without pluses… Though she did give him his own magical security system, different than her’s so as he wouldn’t know how to break into her’s. It may expand over a few days if possible/needed.

There was something I thought you might want to see the rolls on, I * it.
Roll: 8d10
61 = 9[d10]5[d10]8[d10]9[d10]10[d10]9[d10]3[d10]8[d10]
Roll: 1d10
Roll: 7d10
44 = 3[d10]
Roll: 1d10
Roll: 8d10
49 = 5[d10]
Roll: 2d10
16 = 6[d10]10[d10]
Roll: 1d10
Roll: 10d10
71 = 10[d10]
Roll: 2d10
16 = 7[d10]+9[d10]

Beef Up normal
3, 5, 4, 3, 3, 4, 2, 3, 1, 1

Magical Security,, *,,,,,, *,


When last we left our heroines they had each suffered a rather unusual days. One of them experienced strange time “glitches” which caused her to investigate, while the other noticed minor versions of similar phenomena she was distracted when a foreign creature took possession of one of her own possessions, and she worked diligently to extract it with the aid of her aunt. They were eventually successful. Meanwhile her sister used her computer to research whatever information she could glean, working late into the night.

Where will their lives lead them next?

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