Which Witch is Which.

Computer Beef for Information

After several hours Aradia completes the upgrade upon the computer and informs her mysterious friend. She sends him a message, waiting for a response.

A: “It’s complete, take a look around and see how you like it.”

. . . . .

After resting a while she checks for any messages upon her awakening.

S: “Looks nice. What’s to stop you from hacking back into it whenever you want?”
A: “As was previously mentioned, nothing. Yet you still agreed to the trade, so my information… please…”
S: “You sure you want to know.”
A: “Do you want that program or not?”
S: “I’m just saying, your not going to like it.”
A: “And you’re not going to like it if you go back on our deal.”
S: "Fine. Sometime later this week, someone is going to kidnap your “little brother”. I’m not sure how you can stop them. But I know that they know or that they are what may have been responsible for the things that have been going on."
A: “Not much information to go on at all. Who are they?”
S: “Not sure.”
A: “You seemed to get the better part of our trade, being as how this information is minute and unspecified in most areas but one.”
S: “Information to help the kid and potentially get some answers isn’t worth that much to you?”
A: "The “kid” is well protected, so nothing to worry about, and the potentiality of the answers was to be taken care of today, through the trade. Yet there are few real answers."
S: “Not as protected as you may think, and I can help you catch them.”
A: “More protected than you know. The catching part can be accepted as part of the equality of this transaction.”
S: “If you say so, I need to go double check my schedule.”
A: “So you say, if you back out or double cross me, you will regret it.”
S: “Same goes for you.”
A: "I’ve already covered my part, you’re the one that’s lacking. >:( "
S: “You’ve already said you have the power to go back, and what I’m offering is more substantial.”
A: "I may be able to, I made no promises against such, yet no other shall if you use it right. From what I’ve “seen” so far, it’s not."
S: “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
A: “Exactly.”
S: “Do you want my help or not?”
A: “I want you to fulfill your end.”
S: “I’ll take that as a yes. So leave me be and let me work for a bit.”
A: “I was until you decided to warn me, when I’ve done nothing wrong.”
S: “Warnings don’t come to those who do something wrong, they come before they can make mistakes.”
A: “In my experience they come just after they have stepped a little out of line.”
S: “Then mind your feet and watch for rulers.”
A: “You’re the one that needs to watch for such complications, I’m a master of the line.”
S: “Girly, I’m always watching.”
A: “At the very least you are doing something right then.”

She signs off.



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